Maldives is often termed as a paradise on earth with magical and spectacular views of sunshine and sandy beaches. Maldives enjoys a dry and wet season with cooling sea breezes and periodic rain just like tropical countries.


World’s leading and most admired resorts are located in Maldives – come and discover the beauty of Maldives yourself.


Maldives is an archipelagic nation located south-west in the Indian Ocean. No other place in the entire world can compete with its magnificent geography and topography. It comprises of more than 1,500 coral islands with 99 % of sea and less than 1 % of land. At Civica Travels, we offer amazing tour packages for trips to Maldives.


Just think about vast stretches of silky white sand and crystal blue waters waiting for you and your loved ones. Maldives is home of some most stunning beaches in the whole world and people from different nations flock here to witness the beauty and amazing hospitality offered by Maldives. Temperatures are ideal throughout the year, making it the perfect location for a beach getaway.


A wide range of mouth-watering cuisine awaits you in Maldives. The world-class resorts in this island nation offer the deep flavours of Italian food to fresh seafood. You can also taste the authentic Maldivian cuisine at the local restaurants spread across the country.


Are you in love with water sports, sandy beaches and underwater diving? Maldives is the place you need to discover as it’s one of the leading water-sport hubs in the world.


Canoeing, water skiing, kayaking, wake-boarding, Jet Ski tours, windsurfing, and knee-boarding are some adventurous water sports you can take in Maldives. Visit Maldives – Visit the heaven on Earth!

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