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Do you wish to experience the magic of both the worlds with just a simple air ticket? Do you even think if it’s possible? Yes it is – With Civica Travels, you can fly through the clouds and grasp the bliss when your flight touches down the runway at your desired holiday spot. We have your back covered with a great selection of airlines – Domestic or international, One-way or Round-trip. Civica Travels make is easier to find the perfect flight for its clients.


You can save lots of time and use it for your vacation by simply choosing the convenience of air tickets. We are connected with all the major airlines that allow us to provide confirmed tickets for your journey.


We know you’re busy, so Civica makes it easier for you to books Air Tickets for various locations all over the world. Now you can spend more time planning your holiday and no need to search for the best price on airline tickets – That’s our job! Whether you want Air Tickets for Domestic flights or International flights, Civica travels is the One Stop Shop for all your travel requirements. Discovering ultimate comfort and the best value for your money when searching for affordable flights enables you to spend more on that vacation or weekend getaway.

Booking domestic air tickets with Civica Travels

Book your domestic flights tickets with one of the leading flight booking company in India. While booking domestic air tickets with Civica, you can expect world-class booking experience. We will help you by narrowing down your requirements of domestic airline, departure times, arrival times or the number of domestic stops.


India is a big country and travelling by car or train consumes lot of time, but with Air Tickets in your pockets, all you have to do is pack your bags and reach the destination in no time.

Booking international air tickets with Civica Travels

With customer-friendly service, we have created a loyal client base that trusts us completely when it comes to book air tickets for international flights! Our team ensures that your journey becomes a memorable one. So, what are you waiting for? Join the ride today!


Thanks to affordable air ticket prices at Civica Travels, exploring the world has now become a lot easier than you can imagine. Air tickets have become a quick and easy solution to travellers’ woes. Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Maldives – an air ticket is all you need.

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